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Our works

We are Backing Creative Game Changers.

What We Do

We increase corporate value through investment and management consulting for the knowledge-intensive sectors.

Mirae Asset venture investment grows with the growth and value creation of the companies that we invest in

Venture Investment

We discover and invest in venture firms with high growth potential, and offer support with investment and management to help them grow into stable midsize business.


We discover companies, attract institutional investors, and review legal, tax, and accounting matters to help facilitate corporate or individual mergers and acquisitions(M&A) or divestment


Mirae Asset acquires a controlling interest in a company to subsequently enhance its value through normalization and strengthen competitiveness of the acquired company.

Global Investment

We are not only specialized in venture investment that discovers and invests in global venture firms with outstanding quality, and offers management consulting, but also provide core knowledge and infrastructure that can enhance corporate value through a specialized process such as buyout and M&A in order to help these ventures grow into industry key players.